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About Us

We are India's No. 1 Packers and Moving companies with an unrivaled encounter of 25 years in the transportation market. We are a well-organized "Moving & Packing" service agency and are known as one of the Top market management. These solutions are managed by our group of knowledgeable supervisors as well as assistance, who allow us to offer solutions to the clients with numerous benefits.

The benefits provided by us to our clients include:

  • Zero Trans-shipment: We do not move your products from one vehicle to another unless there is an immediate and inevitable need. Double Door Providers allow our clients to have benefits of discussing the vehicle in the most cost-effective way. Once the products are packed & enclosed, the shipping is then started out only in front of the involved customer so as to guarantee no pilferage & transshipment during the conversion procedure.
  • Parts fill - Well Accepted: We offer different size options that offer our value-conscious clients, a choice to choose as per the number of the products that needs to be provided.
  • Safety- No Doubt at all: The shipping sent through us is supported by solutions of professional moving group including of encounter & certified labor, companions and knowledgeable motorists, who are certified in the secure managing techniques of the shipping as well as safe-driving methods.
  • Claims - Immediate Settlement: In the event of unexpected contingencies during the transportation procedure, we keep the skills in providing quick and immediate agreement of statements if any.
  • Network - Largest Coverage: No matter whatever place you are moving to, we - Priya movers and packers offer a well-established, nationwide distribution system. With 1,250 location protection, we have a benefits of the accessibility to wide system all across the country, provided by very few in the company.
  • Credibility: Our reliability talks from the face value of each member working for us. The group assistance we have is well certified and has regimented and devoted strategy to achieve as well as maintain a long long-term company model with our clients. Being preferred of all, we have successfully moved 61,000 people's houses last year. In addition, we keep encounter in providing quality solutions wisely that helps to make sure a secure, worry-free conversion of the belongings.

The following factors keep us recognized from our opponents and profitable as management of the market:

  • A powerful network of 1264 locations national
  • Fully automated as well as networked divisions
  • Well-trained professionals with encounter in all factors of transportation

The 2.5 Million Sq ft manufacturing facilities provide enough space to store a huge variety of consignments momentarily. These manufacturing facilities are appropriate for saving any kind of products incorporated with all the security systems. Our attention of various guidelines of different nations allows us to provide the consignments totally without any complications globally. We have a globally existence that provides us with the versatility to provide consignments to any location in the world.

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